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The Issues Facing Blaine, MN

What Are The Issues Facing Blaine?

No City Sales Tax

We should not add an extra line item on every receipt for a Blaine City sales tax. This will only make it harder for small business' to compete. A city sales tax on everyday products and groceries will hit lower income families harder. Yes, visitors will have to pay but at a certain point items and services become cheaper elsewhere.

Expanding Education

I think it's time to expand Blaine High School! We also need to create incentives and work with our elected state officials to give Minnesota Families the options to choose private, charter, or homeschool.

Protecting Life & Creating A Safe Community

This year there have been six suicides at Blaine High School. We need to invest in getting smaller class sizes so teachers have the resources to reach their students. We need more recourses for school councilors and parents to understand how to deal with students that are struggling.

We also need to ensure our elders are getting the proper care in our nursing homes. The city should be investigating any and every complaint of elder abuse or nursing home negligence in our city.

Fostering Economic Growth

Blaine has done a good job with economic development. I want to continue to see Blaine be a business hub in the North. We also need to develop the arts! I would like to partner with our state legislators on ideas to foster growth for artistic business' such as theaters, fine art studios, and even film studios! I also would love for Blaine to get a city bandshell for music and city events in the summer.

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