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Chris Massoglia for Blaine City Council

1. No City Sales Tax

The city of Blaine should not implement a city wide sales tax. Blaine needs to keep a lid on spending to ensure taxes stay low, especially property tax.

2. More Police & Fire

Did you know Blaine only has 6-8 officers on duty at a time? For a city of 68,000 people to be safe, we need more police officers on duty. More officers will help keep speeders and drunk drivers off our roads.

Our neighborhoods in Northeast Blaine are in dire need of a new fire station. The nearest fire station that covers the Northeast is west of HWY 65. Blaine's Fire Chief has been advocating for a new station in Northeast Blaine for many years.

3. Transparency In Government

Blaine needs to be ethical and accountable in decision making. Government should not be hidden in mystery. We need more transparency in what we are spending, how we are allocating resources, and how we are responding to crisis.